Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bikeway Plowing Update

Here's an update of our plowing experiment plans:

We've identified a contractor, independent of other Town of Lexington work and are working with the town to make sure that we can hire this person and they can get appropriate access to the path, etc.

We looked into getting the path cleared last weekend, but it seems that there is too much ice at the moment and we can't afford to have it all removed.... a very time and labor intensive process, so we need to wait for a thaw.

Hopefully, we'll have the new contractor in place so we can start plowing as soon as practical. This contractor will be able to plow the path within a day or two of a storm, so this will hopefully avoid the kind of ice-pack problem we are currently facing. They will also be using different equipment. They have both a blade and a bucket available, so it will give us a few chances to try different approaches.

We regret that we haven't been very effective this year in keeping the path clear, but we have learned a lot about what not to do and done our best to conserve funds, so we should be able to do a better job later in the season and if there is left-over, next year. Thanks for your patience.

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Trail Skater said...

Thanks for the update. I was just walking on the trail in East Arlington, where keeping it plowed has led to very rapid clearing as the weather warms up. I hope we'll see the same next winter in Lexington.